Don't be so "sympathetic" in the sympathetic nervous system.

Alright, that title is clickbait-y, but just bear with me for a second. 

As you will get to learn (if you haven't already), that most of the work that happens at Encore Chiropractic revolves around the Nervous System.

What I want to talk to you about today is the Autonomic Nervous System, or the ANS. The ANS is the part of the Nervous System that is responsible for regulating the things that you can't: heart-rate, respiratory rate, digestion, etc.

Now, we can break down the ANS into 2 parts: The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. (Now you get the title, right?)

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the "fight-or-flight" response, and the parasympathetic nervous system is the "rest-and-digest" response. 

Both the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses are vital in certain situations. In a healthy person, these responses are in a constant battle for control, which, more or less, results in balance between the two states. 

When you're getting chased by a bear, or about to get hit by a cab, the sympathetic nervous system jumps into action and prepares your body to jump out of the way or run for your life. This is a "high-stress"-type situation. But these are also short-term situations. Life isn't a giant game of "Frogger" where you're constantly dodging traffic as your profession. 

The problem comes from the chronic stress that is experienced by an overwhelming number of people today. This chronic stress fools the body into thinking you're always running from a bear, or always diving away from the cab driver, and it responds that way. So now your body is always in a "stressed-out" state. The scales are now tilted towards the sympathetic nervous system and away from the parasympathetic nervous system.

This new high-stress state you're in is going to start breaking down your body. Your muscles are always tight, your hormones are in disarray, and maybe your performance in bed is starting to be affected. Sympathetic dominance is a major issue that is responsible for many of the common, and complex, problems that are plaguing our society today.

I know what you're thinking: "Thanks for all this info, but now I'm stressing out that I have a stressed-out problem, and now I'm worried I'll be even more stressed out, and put my body into a more stressed out state!"

Well, that may be true, but here is the good news:

We can test to see if your Nervous System is balanced!


At Encore Chiropractic, we test each and every one of our patients for Nervous System imbalance. If we find any issues, we have a specific set of procedures designed to custom tailor a solution just for you.

We help our patients restore that sympathetic/parasympathetic balance and get your body back into healthy, adaptable state.

Think you might benefit from having your Nervous System checked?

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It's good to be sympathetic to others, but you shouldn't be too sympathetic yourself